Bio: Victoria Dadet


Victoria Dadet


Victoria is a Black, biracial, Queer, gender-questioning young CODA (child of Deaf adults) who comes from a family full of diverse experiences. Their passion for organizing, community, and political engagement comes from an ancestral history of this work and took on a life of its own after taking her first Ethnic Studies class in college. She started at New Era in 2018 where she leads their work to destigmatize abortion and develop young reproductive rights leaders. In 2020, they joined Soul 2 Soul Sisters to lead our electoral justice work in collaboration with New Era Colorado. Her vision for Black Liberation is a world where we can all fully experience the depths of our humanity in all its forms without fear, and they organize to get us closer to that future.

Healing & Health

My healing and health has been a journey that I am constantly exploring and shifting, but what seems to remain at the core of it all is flexibility. Being flexible with my practices and gentle with myself when I can’t stick to a rigid schedule, being open to the varying ways my body can feel on any given day and being flexible to meet my needs, and encouraging my muscles to be flexible because I just love how it makes my body feel. At this point in my journey, I find myself gravitating towards yoga, dancing, and running as ways to tend to my physical body. When I find that my spirit needs support, I turn to my oracle and tarot cards and seek guidance from my ancestors. And, as a Gemini sun, one of the best forms of processing and healing for me is simply being able to talk to people. I am forever grateful to my therapist, my partner, my friends, and family for seeing me and supporting me. 


I find my joy in living alone, taking care of my cat, tending to my plants and watching them grow, experiencing live music, photography, painting, endlessly scrolling through TikTok and Twitter, laying outside on sunny days, experimenting with fashion and makeup, singing in my car, listening to music way too loud, dancing until I sweat, and traveling to new places.