The three main objectives of HERstory are to: 1) honor and amplify Black Womxn’s stories in ways that are healing, affirming, and ours, 2) embolden and support Black Womxn in sharing their realities by creating sacred spaces for all of our tears and trauma, and 3) Bring visibility to our truths and realities so as to cultivate personal healing and liberation, positive systemic transformation, and just communities.

Through the HERstory program, Soul 2 Soul Sisters launched our “Hear Black Womxn” video series to help cultivate empathy, healing and honoring human dignity relating to Black Womxn’s abortion experiences - please click the images below to watch the three videos. Also, during National Domestic Violence Awareness month, we hosted a virtual panel, “HERstory: for Black Womxn Healing Beyond Abuse,” featuring three Black Womxn survivors of domestic/intimate partner violence (the link for the panel is below).

During 2021 through the HERstory program, Soul 2 Soul Sisters will launch the “Reparations Right NOW” video series to help raise awareness, cultivate healing, honor human dignity, and respect Black Womxn's expertise relating to Black Womxn’s demands for reparations.

Hear Black Womxn: My Body, My Sacred Decision


Hear Black Womxn: My Body, My Sacred Decision is a short documentary in which three Black Womxn, who each decided to have an abortion, share their personal healing journeys. Soul 2 Soul Sisters is grateful and honored to co-produce this visual reminder to trust Black Womxn's decisions about our bodies, our families and our futures.

Black Woman Body


Soul 2 Soul Sisters is honored to co-produce a visual testament to the power and resilience of the Black Woman Body through spoken word, drumming, and dance. This video follows our Hear Black Womxn: Our Bodies, Our Decision video within our 2019-2020 Storytelling video series.

We extend so much gratitude for each of the creatives who took part in this process ❤️

Poet: Niyankor Ajuaj
International Women's African Dance and Drumming Ensemble -
Drummers: Senakhu Donald, Wendy Talley and Ashley Ferguson
Dancers: Shant'a Johnson and Dr. Yasmeen Nkrumah-Elie
Progress Now Colorado: Ali Bibbo, Jordan Spalding, and Logan Coleman
Soul 2 Soul Sisters: Briana Simmons

Hear Black Womxn: Let My People Vote

Soul 2 Soul Sisters is honored to co-produce this love video to Black Womxn voters ❤ – the most powerful and reliable voting bloc for liberative candidates and initiatives. Let My People Vote!
Soul 2 Soul Sisters’ Let My People Vote (LMPV) program is a Black, bold and collaborative program with New Era Colorado. LMPV is a Black Womxn-led, non-partisan, voter engagement program that increases 1) the awareness of political issues that impact Black people 2) Black voter registration 3) Black GOTV and 4) Black voter protection as we work to enfranchise all voting-age Black people and cultivate robust and sustained Black political participation.
Special Thanks To:
Sheroya Sewell
Daizha Brown
Maya Muwanga
Dr. Darlene Sampson
Jan Garduno
Amaya Duval

HERstory: for Black Womxn Healing Beyond Abuse


In honor of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Soul 2 Soul Sisters hosted a panel discussion honoring the stories of Black Womxn survivors. While domestic violence can impact any body, Black Womxn are particularly vulnerable. The purpose of this discussion was to cultivate a sacred space for Black Womxn's unique experiences, address the stigma and discuss resources to help end domestic violence. Join us in silencing the shame and lifting up our sisters and siblings in their journey to healing beyond abuse.