The three main objectives of OURstory are to: 1) honor and amplify Black Women’s stories in ways that are healing, affirming, and ours, 2) embolden and support Black Women in sharing their realities by creating sacred spaces for all of our tears and triumphs, and 3) Bring visibility to our truths and realities so as to cultivate personal healing and liberation, positive systemic transformation, and just communities.

Through the OURstory program, Soul 2 Soul Sisters launched our “Hear Black Womxn” video series to help cultivate empathy, healing and honoring human dignity relating to Black Women’s abortion experiences - please click the images below to watch the videos. Also, during National Domestic Violence Awareness month, we hosted a virtual panel, “HERstory: for Black Womxn Healing Beyond Abuse,” featuring three Black Women survivors of domestic/intimate partner violence (the link for the panel is below).

From 2021-2023, Soul 2 Soul Sisters co-produced a short documentary with ProgressNow Colorado and Ali Bibbo, Reparations Right Now: Unmasked. The film follows 5 Black Women and youth who share their experiences navigating COVID-19, its impact on Black communities, and subsequent uprisings spurred by the murder of George Floyd. Through candid conversation, the film traces a timeline of the United States of America’s multigenerational reality of slavery and the historic and present-day, long-standing results while also evoking opportunities for deeper dialogue, action, healing, and liberation for all.

Hear Black Womxn: My Body, My Sacred Decision

Black Woman Body

HERstory: for Black Womxn Healing Beyond Abuse