Black Maternal Health Week is from April 11th -April 17th.

Soul 2 Soul Sisters is thrilled to join the Black Mamas Matter Alliance (BMMA) in celebrating Black Maternal Health Week (#BMHW24)! Held annually on April 11-17th, BMHW is a week-long campaign founded and led by BMMA​ to build awareness, activism, and community-building​ to amplify ​the voices, perspectives and lived experiences of Black Mamas and birthing people.

Black Birthing is Beautiful!


Together we will empower Black Mamas wherever they are in their perinatal journey.

Download the Black Birthing Guide Today!

Black mother holding her baby wearing bright pink and yellow clothes sitting on a bench with flowers behind it.

At a time when maternal health crises are raging in our communities, disproportionately impacting Black birthing people, Soul 2 Soul Sisters is committed to advocating for and equipping our community with the tools and resources needed to ensure Black birthing people, babies, and families thrive.

Join us as we dare to imagine and build worlds where ALL Black birthing people can access safety, quality healthcare systems, and resources to thrive. Together, we will embody life-loving power as we get free. Now.

Whether you are a Black birthing person, a supporter of Black birthing people, or a new, seasoned, or somewhere-in-between advocate for reproductive and birth justice movements, Soul 2 Soul Sisters has something to meet you where you are.


#BMHW2024 Offerings from Soul 2 Soul Sisters

Kickoff #BMHW24 with Taking Black Motherhood Back: A Collective Reflection on Our Experiences, Pressures & Ways Forward on Thursday, April 11th from 6:00 - 7:30 PM MST.

Join FreeBlackMotherhood & Soul 2 Soul Sisters to uncover how historical narratives on motherhood harm us as Black mamas and mothering people today. Led by Ambreia Meadows-Hernandez, this interactive discussion-style workshop is an opportunity to discuss the examples of motherhood we witnessed in childhood, the parents we want to be, and the structural demands that impact our mental wealth and well-being, eventually trickling down to our households and communities. As we speak of our experiences, concerns, and community needs, we'll share space, validate each other, dream up affirming motherhood, and find healing in reflection, community, and conversation.

This workshop is virtual and free to the public


Download the Black Birthing Guide

Your latest guide to the growing list centering Black Mamas & birthing people. From prenatal care to postpartum support, the Black Birthing Guide provides insights, solutions, and valuable information to empower Black Mamas wherever they are in their perinatal journey.


Check out Guided by Nature: Healthy Chocolate Milk. This interactive, digital exhibit curated by Sacred Seeds Black Birthworker Collective of Colorado pays homage to the sacredness of the full spectrum of the Black breastfeeding experience. ACCESS THE EXHIBIT HERE.


Demand Joy Is Our Birthright! This legislative session, Elephant Circle and Soul 2 Soul Sisters are co-running HB24-1262. This bill will create a study to assess the cause of perinatal health gaps across the state of Colorado, require advance notice of closures of maternal facilities, improve ways to report perinatal discrimination, and integrate the midwifery workforce. LEARN MORE AND TAKE ACTION! 


Are you an aspiring doula or a previously trained doula seeking continuing education? This #BMHW24, Soul 2 Soul Sisters is offering scholarships for 8 trainees to participate in Birthing Advocacy Doula Training’s (BADT) 12-week, online full-spectrum doula training this Fall. The training provides trainees with culturally-reflective instruction and doula education for all stages of a birthing person’s life. Soul 2 Soul Sisters is accepting limited applications now through May 31, 2024 - APPLY TODAY.


Invest in your favorite love-based revolution. Your support makes a difference and helps us continue to create the spaces and resources needed to imagine and build worlds where ALL Black birthing people have access to safety, quality healthcare systems and resources to thrive. #BlackBirthingIsBeautiful SUPPORT SOUL 2 SOUL SISTERS!

Soul 2 Soul Sisters 2024 Full Staff and Board wearing different shades of yellow and amber.

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Soul 2 Soul Sisters’™ love-based revolution centers Black liberation as a response to anti-Black violence through eradicating white supremacy, actualizing reparations as healing & economic justice, building Black political power, and advocating for Black beloveds’ right to make decisions about our lives, bodies, and futures. Through our work, Soul 2 Soul Sisters provides sacred space for Black Women, girls, and gender expansive beings to rest, share their experiences, and develop & implement strategic plans for individual and collective peace, power, and joy as tools toward actualizing liberation through Black healing and joy.