All Black Women Matter.

Black people who identify as Woman, Trans, Nonbinary, Queer, elderly, spiritual, courageous, outrageous, religious, audacious, incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, serious, playful, disabled, creative, homeless, immigrant ... all Black Women are precious creations and are welcome to Soul 2 Soul Sisters.

Soul 2 Soul Sisters A Divine Black Feminine Experience

We are a grassroots, loved-based, racial justice nonprofit organization based in Denver. We transform Colorado and beyond through Black Women & femme-centered programming focused on Black healing, health & joy, Black civic engagement & policy, ending anti-Black racism & white supremacy culture, and reparations. Soul 2 Soul Sisters' work is based in a reproductive justice framework all towards actualizing Black healing and Black liberation. Shaped by Womanist creative thought and theology, Soul 2 Soul Sisters is founded by two Black clergy Women, Rev. Tawana Angela Davis, Ph.D. and Rev. Dr. Dawn Riley Duval. Soul 2 Soul Sisters provides sacred space for Black Women, femmes, and gender expansive beings to rest, be, share, and develop and implement plans for peace, power, healing, and liberation.

Soul 2 Soul Sisters staff

Our Passion Black Women's Healing, Health & Joy

A precious aspect of Soul 2 Soul Sisters is we honor and support Black Women, girls, and gender expansive beloveds wherever they are in the broad spectrum of their reproductive journey i.e. healthy body-image, healthy partnered relationships, correct use of contraceptives, deciding when to have a baby, support with breastfeeding, navigating postpartum, healing from a miscarriage, or deciding whether to have an abortion – Soul 2 Soul Sisters upholds abortion as a sacred, holy decision among Self, Divine, Universe, Ancestors and Chosen Beloveds #MyBody #MySacredDecision. 

We love Black Women, girls, and gender expansive beings as we lead a love-based revolution.

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Black Birthing Guide Final

We offer this Black Birthing Guide to join the growing list of national resources that center Black birth. It includes information on birth teams and birth settings, tips for communicating with healthcare providers, self-advocacy tools, and steps to pursue accountability measures from medical facilities and providers. It can be used as a starting point and reference guide in navigating important pregnancy decisions. You’ll find a glossary of terms, facts, and various calls to action throughout the guide to expand our scope outside the limitations of this document.

Visioning New Futures for Reproductive Justice Declaration

Visioning New Futures For Reproductive Justice

This statement is authored by the undersigned individuals and organizations, and is the collective and shared work of all, crafted in a spirit of loving abundance.

Reproductive Justice leaders met January 20-22, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia, convened by SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective. This summit took place on what would have been the 50th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion—a decision that was overturned in 2022 leading to the loss of legal abortion in half the country. The group envisioned a new future for Reproductive Justice, which follows here.

Black Midwives Day

National Black Midwives Day Petition

The National Black Midwives Alliance (NBMA) is launching a campaign to establish March 14th as Black Midwives Day. NBMA is campaigning for a Black Midwives Day:

  • To strengthen the base of Black midwives and their supporters
  • To preserve the cultural history of Black midwifery as an important part of the story of America
  • To provide advocacy tools that eliminate barriers to education and resources for Black midwives
  • To build power by developing a national unified voice that advocates for Black midwifery
  • To address perinatal health disparities that impact Black communities
  • To elevate the consumer demand for access to midwifery and community birth

Join us in commemorating the legacy of black midwifery on March 14th, forevermore to be known as Black Midwives Day!


Black Civic Engagement & Policy

Our Black Civic Engagement & Policy program is a Black Women-centered, non-partisan program that is committed to consistently advocate for the dismantling of anti-Black oppression within institutions – the legislature, ballot box, and beyond.

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Black Healing, Health & Joy

The heart of Soul 2 Soul Sisters is our Black Healing, Health, & Joy program. Through Self-Love Saturdays, SistaSoul Search Retreat, and Sacred Seeds Black Birthworker Collective of Colorado, Soul 2 Soul Sisters strives to embody and model life-nourishing ways to honor and protect Black Women, femmes, and gender expansive beloveds’ lives, loves, decisions, families, communities, and futures.

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Facing Racism

Facing Racism is our ending anti-Black racism & ending white supremacy culture programming. We host cohorts for individuals and a Facing Racism Alumni program.

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We document and amplify Black Women’s narratives about their lives and experiences. Through HERstory, Black Women & femmes share deeply regarding various topics i.e. living during the COVID-19 pandemic, the joys of being a Black Woman, abortion experiences, reparations, pleasure, rest, and much more.

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Reparations as economic justice and healing justice are interwoven in our racial justice approach. We name and dismantle the U.S.A.’s multi-generational sin of enslaving Black people, historic and present-day systemic racial plunder, and this country’s racial wealth chasm as evidence that reparations to Black people are right and righteous, right NOW.

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Sacred Seeds Black Birthworker Collective of Colorado

Sacred Seeds Black Birthworker Collective of Colorado has 15 Black birth workers who live in cities across Colorado. For new and seasoned birth workers, we provide sacred space for cultivating support, relationships, and personal and professional development as the birthworkers journey with Black birthing persons, infants, and their families.

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Self-Love Saturdays

These are loving, intergenerational, judgement-free convenings for Black Women, femmes & gender expansive beloveds. During our time together, we hold sacred space for one another as we discuss varying liberative themes that assist us in our individual and collective healing journeys.

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Guided by Nature: Healthy Chocolate Milk

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