Black Healing, Health & Joy

The heart of Soul 2 Soul Sisters is our Black Healing, Health & Joy program.

We're here for you, Black Women & femmes.

Yes Sib, you are amazing. You are essential. You are the answer to ancestors' prayers. And we love you. Regardless. To live out our love and appreciation for Black Women & femmes, Soul 2 Soul Sisters strives to embody and model life-nourishing ways to honor Black Women & femmes and our futures.

We do this through three programs: 1) Self-Love Saturdays 2) Sacred Seeds Black Birthworker Collective of Colorado and 3) OURstory. 

Self-Love Saturdays

These gatherings are vibrant, intergenerational, soulful experiences. Our Self-Love Saturdays have varying themes each month that aim to assist Black Women & femmes in healing from post-traumatic slave syndrome and the effects of anti-Black racism/white supremacy culture, heteropatriarchy, capitalism, lynchings, policing, and state-sponsored violence. 

The cost for Self-Love Saturdays is FREE – an anonymous donor provides funding in honor of Harriet Jacobs.

Black Birthing Guide Final

We offer this Black Birthing Guide to join the growing list of national resources that center Black birth. It includes information on birth teams and birth settings, tips for communicating with healthcare providers, self-advocacy tools, and steps to pursue accountability measures from medical facilities and providers. It can be used as a starting point and reference guide in navigating important pregnancy decisions. You’ll find a glossary of terms, facts, and various calls to action throughout the guide to expand our scope outside the limitations of this document.

Sacred Seeds Black Birthworker Collective of Colorado

Sacred Seeds Black Birthworker Collective of Colorado has 15 Black birth workers who live in cities across Colorado. For new and seasoned birth workers, we provide sacred space for cultivating support, relationships, and personal and professional development as we journey with Black birthing persons, infants, and their families.


During many key historic times, Black Women & femme's thoughts, feelings, and statements were not documented. Rooted in and inspired by the Ewe-mina proverb, "Until the story of the hunter is told by the Lion(ess), the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter" – in this present OURstory-in-the-making moment in time – Soul 2 Soul Sisters documents and amplifies Black Women & femme's narratives regarding their lives, experiences, triumphs and challenges.