Bio: Niyankor Ajuaj


Niyankor Ajuaj



Niyankor is a queer, Sundanese, Earthy Black Femme who loves sunsets, the moon in all her phases and puns. Her work manifests through writing, facilitating, and muse(ing). She is a student of life who is passionate about community, connecting, Black healing, the arts and self-discovery.

She is currently based in Denver, CO, ancestral land of the Ute, Cheyenne, and Arapahoe nations, and is the Communications Coordinator for Soul 2 Soul Sisters. She is also a part of the Palm Wine Collective - a Black, Queer, Femme-led creative arts collective curating content and experiences centering the African Diaspora and global Black healing, restoration and joy.

Healing & Health

My relationship to healing & health is constantly changing and expanding. The one thing that has remained constant is walking. I love long walks to nowhere, walking around my neighborhood and parks, and going on hikes. Walking is very much so prayer, it’s meditation and solitude and how I turn home to Self. Recently, I have been revisiting yoga and have begun exploring breathwork outside the context of yoga. Speaking my truth and feeling deeply are also healing, although it can be complicated and uncomfortable at times. And thinking deeply about things. I find it to be cathartic and consider myself an existential crisis junkie because I am always pondering about existence … I mean we’re spinning on a gigantic rock in the middle of space … how?!!!

Black liberation is exhaling heavy;

it is breathing in knowing

that we do not have to hold our breath anymore;

it is breathing in knowing

that our next exhale is not our last.


Sunshine, cool grass between my toes, sun and moon rises/sets (moon rises/sets are absolutely gorgeous), breathtaking views atop a mountain, laying in my beloved’s arms, laying underneath one of my favorite trees, climbing that tree, warm water in and on my body, the scent of lavender and frankincense and sandalwood (especially when my lover wears it on her neck), the precision of a good pun, the ways the words are woven in my favorite songs, stories and poems, laughter uprooted from your whole entire being, stargazing, Black Woman, my 7-year-old nephew dropping straight #bars - I am most joyful when I am present, fully immersed in my body, senses and beingness.