Bio: Lauren Smith


Headshot of Lauren Smith


Lauren was born in Texas but has lived in Colorado nearly her whole life. She went to the University of Colorado-Boulder for physics, before taking an environmental studies class where she learned that she really wanted to work at a systemic level to fight climate change. After making the shift from STEM to policy while working at a youth advocacy organization, she honed in on what excited her most - fighting for racial and reproductive justice, while fostering a caring environment for her people. In 2021, she began to pursue a Bachelor’s in social work at Metro State University, so that she could be even better equipped to organize on a macro level while learning how to support her community's health and wellness on the micro level. As the new Director of Policy and Advocacy for Soul 2 Soul, she’s eager to grow her passion alongside an incredible team of organizers, and fight for the liberation of her communities. When she’s not doing the work (or her homework), you can find Lauren trying new restaurants with her partner, perfecting her skin care routine, or playing with her cat Maisie.