Support Black Womxn-Owned Businesses

Black people, especially Black Womxn, are disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Disparities in access to food, childcare, safe housing, and much more make this crisis even more acute for Black Womxn.

In response we commit to #SupportBlackWomxn and help keep their businesses pressing on. Join Soul 2 Soul Sisters in supporting hard-working moms, inspiring entrepreneurs, and lady bosses who inspire our communities and make the world go ‘round. Please donate today to support Black Womxn-owned businesses! 100 percent of your donation will go to Black Womxn-owned businesses in Colorado that are listed below. Please consider scheduling a weekly recurring donation - your generosity allows Black Womxn business owners to receive a donation each Friday.

Featured Black Womxn-owned businesses are beneath the donation form.

Soul 2 Soul Sisters is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization - all donations are tax-deductible charitable contributions.

Featured Black Womxn-Owned Businesses

Javon Bracy
The Purpletuity Project

The Purpletuity Project is a newly formed lupus advocacy and awareness endeavor. Lupus is a disease that affects Black Women at a disproportionately higher rate, yet most advocacy organizations are run by white lupus warriors/advocates. So, in addition to spreading general knowledge about lupus, I hope to engage in a level of intersectional analysis that isn't always present in organizations led by white lupus warriors/supporters, while providing resources to those most impacted. Any donations I receive at this time would help with start-up administrative costs - website upkeep, registering as 501(c)3, and advertising (hiring someone to design & create a logo, running ads on social media, and purchasing promotional materials).

Charmaine "Charlie" Billingsley
The Museum for Black Girls

"Black Girl Magic" is more than a buzz-word or trend. It's the essence of Black women. The Museum for Black Girls is a space to celebrate this essence, as well as educate about the journey to our present state and liberation. Finally and most importantly, the museum serves as a love letter to Black Women and our experience. Your contribution will help us create essential packages (ex: gloves, masks, sanitizer, disinfectant etc) for women of color and minority owned businesses that are transitioning back into full service. It will also help us to continue creating interactive, pop up gallery exhibits for the community to experience.

Daphne Rose
Different Strokes Paint n' Sip Art Studio

"Art Really is Life" everywhere you look, from nature to plastic, it was all created through the gift of art. Different Strokes Paint n' Sip Art Studio brings life, smiles and joy through painting and art for all ages and experience levels throughout the community. Art is therapy! And a lot of people are going to need therapy when the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Our studio had to close during this pandemic, but we are still responsible for keeping the studio afloat until we can open again. Please support us through this fund and help us secure bringing art back to life when life starts up again!

Kendra Anderson
bar helix

Bar helix is a female POC-owned and female-run small business in the heart of Five Points | RiNo. Since 2017, our mission has been to provide a gathering place where all are welcome and encouraged to enjoy craft cocktails, wine, and music. We have been deeply impacted by the citywide closure mandated by COVID-19. We have been forced to cease the majority of our public-facing operations, resulting in the loss of approximately 95% of our revenue and the heartbreaking furlough of the majority of our employees. Any and all assistance gives bar helix a fighting chance to re-open at such time that it is deemed legal and safe to do so, in order that we can continue to provide a diverse and positive environment for all.

Euda K. Best
Euda K. Best, LLC

I am a Spiritual Guide, Card Reader and Yoga/Meditation Instructor. Covid has been challenging, of course, but it's actually helped me to grow and heal a lot more than anything else. I'm more vulnerable and open and I feel clearer about my path than I've felt in 7+ years.

Covid has actually helped me to create some virtual offerings, which I'm grateful for, but the majority of my money is made at events and public gatherings and that's been completely shut down. I've treaded water pretty well (much better than expected actually) but I am now short on May's rent.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my business income has declined by approximately 60% percent.

I pray that we all come to understand we have a Destiny and not just a bunch of jobs to do. I pray that we find and connect with our tribes. And I pray that womxn come to understand that it is now our time to lead and empower ourselves and each other to do so. Amen.

Shelby Irvin
The Soulful Mama

Through my personal experiences and training with DONA, CAPPA, and ALPP, I have vowed to help other mamas find their rhythm as they transition through the many phases of mamahood. As a Certified Lactation Counselor, Childbirth Educator and Prenatal, Labor/Birth, and Postpartum Doula, I strive to create a safe place for mamas of color to be who they are without having to explain their mere essence as The Soulful Mama.

With all the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19 there have been tremendous changes around birth. Birthing people are fighting for their birthing rights and birth support is needed more now than ever, yet funding is limited. By donating today to Birthworker Shelby Irvin, you are supporting birthing people who are in need! Your generous donations will go to much needed Childbirth Education Classes, Lactation and Birth/Postpartum Support, along with personal protective equipment for the birth workers!

Alyssia Richardson
Hara Healing Boutique

I am an energy healer and natural product crafter. Many of my customers suffer from anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders. My role in their lives is to help them find a place of groundedness. I offer energy healing such as chakra balancing and distance reiki. My products are crafted for individuals to help them along their healing journey. For example, Hara Healing Boutique offers vegan candles to help bring about feelings of relaxation and comfort. As we navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, I have been offering candles that help purify your space and cotton masks for those that are in need. I have continued serving during this time; providing my products and services free of charge. Receiving assistance will allow me to cover the cost of supplies needed to continue to create and be present for my clients and our community.

Shanae Adams

HonestlyNae is a comprehensive sexuality education and consultation business. We deliver several lectures and workshops across the United States and consult sex educators and sexuality curriculum producers. The greatest impact of COVID-19 has been the cancellation of several spring, summer, and fall speaking engagements, as well as, canceled consultation appointments with companies diverting their resources elsewhere. My business has shifted to being online. I have created more workshops tailored to an online format and I also do a lot more donation-based services.