Bio: Ifayale Adeoni Senakhu Donald




Senakhu has been an active part of the Denver Cultural community since 1983. She has initiated and been involved in the creative healing arts, weaving together nature, wellness, ritual, movement, spirituality, black history, and self exploration. Currently, she is the founder and executive director for IWADDE (Intergenerational Womens African Drum and Dance Ensemble), a NADA/DETOX lead practitioner with Communities With Intentions, a member of the SATYA Yoga Cooperative, co-founder of Ibeji Healing Arts, and the Presiding Priestess for a Denver Ifa community. Professionally, she has been a senior technical writer for over 30 years and is a graduate of Stanford University. She is an honored member of the Kwanzaa Circle of Wisdom and continues to explore the beauty in life.

Ayanmo ni iwa-pele, iwa-pele ni Ayanmo

Destiny is good character, good character is destiny,

Ifayale Adeoni Senakhu