LMPV Testimony | Sales Tax Exemption Essential Hygiene Products

by Talaya Banks


LMPV Testimony | Sales Tax Exemption Essential Hygiene Products

Committee: House Finance 

House Sponsors: 

Bill number: HB22-1055

My name is Talaya Banks and I’m one of the Let My People Vote Coordinators for Soul 2 Soul Sisters where we organize for Black Women’s Healing, health and Liberation Nonprofit here in Denver. I’m submitting this testimony on behalf of our Let My People Vote program to urge you to support House Bill 1055 

This bill is important to our community from our new born babies, to mothers, to people who menstruate, and to elders because it acknowledges our needs of hygiene products as essential products. During the COVID 19 pandemic, budgets became tighter for our already tight budgets. by ending state taxes on essential products it can help our budgets and create better access to quality essential products. It lends financial grace to so many communities who have been traumatized by not having their desired products. 

Reproductive justice is a core value of Let My People Vote, and we believe that this bill provides a necessary step towards securing justice for our communities by supporting people to raise children in safe and healthy environments. Having consistent access to clean and safe diapering methods helps families keep babies safe and healthy, and they must be available to all Colorado residents – especially low-income communities of color.”

For our parents who are navigating menstrual cycles and a baby having to buy both period products and diapers can be financially draining. This chore predominately falls on women. By supporting this bill you support our community of women against this tax burden. This is a huge step in honoring the divine bodies who need essential hygiene products, it is no easy task but this bill can be a first step to seeing us and honoring us. 

For so long, we have navigated in silence about buying diapers and period products but all money saved can make a big difference to people at a time when we really need all the additional help we can get. We need financial Grace now! We urge you to support House Bill 1055 as a way to honor and. Thank you for your time.


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