LMPV Testimony | RHEA (HB22-1279)



LMPV Testimony | HB22-1279 Reproductive Health Equity Act

Committee: House Health & Insurance

House Sponsors: Rep. Froelich, Majority Leader Rep. Esgar

Senate Sponsors: Sen. Gonzales

Bill number: HB22-1279

My name is Victoria Dadet, and I’m the Let My People Vote Coordinator for Soul 2 Soul Sisters where we organize for Black Women’s Healing and Liberation here in Denver. I’m testifying on behalf of our Let My People Vote program to urge you to support House Bill 1279. 

We need this bill because it will establish reproductive rights as fundamental rights for everybody in our state by declaring that we have the right to choose or refuse contraception, and give birth or to have an abortion. In short, we need this bill because it will support each person’s bodily autonomy. This is especially impactful for Black communities who have been stripped of our agency and autonomy over our bodies and lives as a result of this country’s legacy of slavery, white supremacy, and constant attempts to prevent Black people from building safe communities for us to exercise our autonomy and agency. 

By ensuring that people can exercise sovereignty over their bodies, this bill will protect our communities from future attacks on our rights. And whenever our rights are attacked, it’s marginalized communities that experience the worst of the consequences. Black Women know this all too well, which is why we have spent centuries fighting for the basic right to control our bodies, be able to plan our futures, and live safe and healthy lives.

The decision to access abortion is a sacred, holy decision among the individual, their doctor, Divine, ancestors, and chosen beloveds. Whether it’s provided by a clinic or safely and effectively self-managed on our own with the support of our community, it must be protected. Black Women deserve to be supported in all decisions we make about our health. 

For too long, Black communities have experienced the brunt of reproductive oppression in this country. We need reproductive health equity now, and we urge you to support House Bill 1279 as a way to protect the health of Black communities. Thank you for your time.


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