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Jasmine N. Ellington
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Jasmine N. Ellington


I am a Colorado native, and I love it here!

Azalia’s Way LLC was birthed in honor of my daughter Azalia after her passing in October of 2018. I am a Full Spectrum High Risk Doula. I specialize in everything from pre-conception needs, to bereavement care for families in need of it. My word of advice would be: “KNOW THE DOCTORS INVOLVED IN YOUR CARE, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!”

People will often say that a picture is worth a thousand words but i disagree with that because i believe that pictures are moments captured in time and it’s that time that you will never get back. There are so many stages of grief that people go through, but what i learned was that grief changes you forever. I teach people how to “debrief their grief!”. I am often asked what I can give to families that I wasn’t given, and my answer is SUPPORT! I needed a strong support system and I did not have one. Being a Doula allows me to help families build a strong unshakable foundation for the lives that are getting ready to be brought earth-side! This is a lifestyle for me. I’m here to help you establish your brand new, lifelong village for your children, and family. I’m predominantly in Colorado Springs but I do travel as well! I’m here for women of color, and I will try to meet your needs as best as I can! Azalia’s Way LLC is healing and saving lives one birth at a time!

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Jasmine N. Ellington 1 review

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1 review
  • Britt

    I used Jas as my doula and she was amazing! This was my 1st successful birth after a stillbirth and many miscarriages. Jas is educated, and she is like the sister I’ve always wanted! She is a bomb person, and I definitely will have more kids in the future, if she’s around.

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