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Soul 2 Soul Sisters is unique. We are one of the few organizations in the United States that unapologetically intersects Black faith/spiritualities/health justice, radical reproductive justice, racial justice, and increasing the power of Black voters. Soul 2 Soul Sisters (S2SS) was founded in 2015 during the height of deadly encounters between Black people and law enforcement. Providing a Black Womxn-led, faith-based response to the violent preservation of anti-Blackness in the U.S.A., S2SS engaged groups of white interfaith participants in anti-racism programming called Facing Racism, as well as groups of Black Womxn in healing self-liberation work. Through this synchronous racial justice approach, S2SS promotes holistic processes of self and communal health toward engaging in authentic discourse and egalitarian relationship-building. Ultimately, the organizational aim is for people of all racial/ethnic groups to work together to dismantle personal and systemic racism toward developing healthy, just and liberative communities.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Soul 2 Soul Sisters is a grassroots nonprofit that is informed by womanist theology.  S2SS's womanist-based work includes Black Womxn-centered education, organizing, leadership development, as well as self and sisterly care and healing. S2SS strives to provide a sacred space for Black Womxn to rest, share their experiences, and develop and implement strategic plans for individual and collective peace, power and liberation.

Though Soul 2 Soul Sisters is in its organizational infancy, Co-Executive Directors Rev. Tawana Davis and Rev. Dr. Dawn Riley Duval have over 25 years of combined community organizing experience.  These Black clergy Womxn have helped S2SS become one of the few organizations in the United States that offers 1) ongoing anti-racism cohorts, 2) collaborates with Black Womxn-led organizations in providing monthly, relationship-building, educational, reproductive justice gatherings for Black Womxn, and 3) provides ongoing voter engagement work through our campaign called, "Let My People Vote."

Organizational Facts